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Agent Portal Features

Here is a list of features offered by Color Persona for Agents who are registered as an Agent.  This is not an exhaustive list as we are always improving the system and adding more features.

color persona security Secure account & Industry standard encryption. Approved and recognised SSL encryption.

Mobile Responsive – will work on mobile devices, such as tablets, Android phones and iDevices. No need for mobile Apps to carry out limited actions.

Trial Personality profiles depending on available quota.

Buy Ad-hoc profile without having to register.

A number of Dashboards where all your relevant information is available.

√  Sign up for an Agent Account for better perks.

color persona email tracking√  Email tracking. You can monitor your emails sent out or rejected or failed via Email Log feature. Fully Qualified SSL secured Email servers – No 3rd Party email software used.

configure account settings√  Configure preferences to Auto Publish reports, auto send reports to Candidates and/or Agent or neither or Both.

√  Upload Agents company logo, Set-up and upload your clients’ logo, upload Candidate logo.

√  Choose which Logo to use on the profile reports.

Create Your Clients and assign candidates to the clients.

Create Teams and allocate team members. View Team colour strengths, Publish Team Profile reports with Team Map and charts.

Personify feature enables team members to view each others communication preferences, a great tool to prepare candidates when they need to communicate with others in the team.

Publish & Republish reports manually if required.

color persona search
Simple and Advanced search with ‘search suggest’ as you type.

Offers a range of reports that can be easily interactively filtered and saved as PDF for emailing or printing.

Reset your password with an encrypted link or change your password while logged in.

Graphical charts where pertinent, to illustrate Questionnaire statistics, Candidate colour preferences, Team colour scores, Team colour strength charts.

Buy / Top up profile credits to your account.

Raise support Ticket when you need help.

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