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Information centre2023-08-11T14:51:01+08:00

information centreInformation Centre.

Welcome to our Information centre, here you will find useful hints and tips to help to discover your color journey. Learn and review information to help you to use the system and as well as color persona reports and tools efficiently. If you require additional information  or would like to make a request on ‘how to’, please drop us a message

Bulk Evaluator Upload2023-08-11T14:26:40+08:00
Publishing Settings2023-08-11T14:29:12+08:00
Standard & Advanced Configuration2023-08-11T14:31:00+08:00

The advanced configuration page allows the Agent to Switch on or off options in the profile report or Evaluator. This is a single page that allows a number of values to be configured to enable or disable functionality.

You are required to either enter Y to enable the described functionality, or you may be required to enter a numeric value or a text value such as URL or Footer text etc.

The options are only configurable and available to Advanced Agent account holders.

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Standard & Advanced Configuration

Standard & Advanced Configuration

Advanced Features2023-08-11T14:31:42+08:00

The advanced Features have a page designed for individual each feature and there are a number of them (listed n the table below), The features allow the Agent flexibility to select options to allow enable features such as overriding fonts, logos, publishing settings at either, user level, client level and or profile and client level.

You are required to make the relevant selection of values from drop downs or enter a value, in doing so the profile publishing engine will pick these advanced feature settings and act upon them accordingly.

The advanced features are available to Advanced Agent account holders only.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

What Gender
Report Fonts2023-08-11T14:36:52+08:00
About Personality Traits2023-08-11T14:41:34+08:00
Report related questions2023-08-11T14:42:17+08:00
Introvert Ambivert and Extravert2023-08-11T14:43:14+08:00
Evaluator & Email Purge2023-08-11T14:44:50+08:00
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