HR Profile Report

H.R Profile

The HR report is geared towards HR departments and departmental heads, team leaders, it will assist in the following:

  • To short-list executive employees or get more insightful information than other conventional methods.
  • For annual or interim candidate appraisal.
  • Performance planning & improvements.
  • Acts as a discussion document when assessing an employee for promotion.
  • Career Evaluation to strategise employee development.
  • Used as part of Team building or Leadership programmes.

Profile Templates

  • H.R Default

  • H.R Simplified

Profile Sample & Benefits

HR Profile report preview
  • Add your Business branding in the profile reports and Business Partner back-office account.
  • Learn about your preferred communication style.
  • Learn how you should approach others with different colour preferences.
  • Identifies the values a candidate brings to a team.
  • Identifies a candidates potential Areas of improvements.
  • Share how others should communicate with you, using suggested Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Learn about your Colour D.N.A and how to identify people of other colour preferences.
  • A simple 4 colour system, No association with things like air, fire, water and earth.
  • Easy to remember and recognise people of other colour types and associated energies.
  • Uniquely Personalised report content to every individual.
  • Personalised charts to demonstrate and aid understanding of the colour methodology.
  • Learn about Introvert/Ambivert and Extravert and how you interact with others.
  • Learn about How you make decisions using the blend of thinking and feeling.
  • Get insight into how you interact with other people and what kind of work environment would suit you.
  • Learn about how you make decisions using Sensing and Intuition.
  • Personalised Unconscious Persona chart illustrating your strong colours and low scoring colours, suggesting improving extreme colours (at either end of the spectrum) and reduction or increase of same.
  • No contract or commitment with Color Persona.
  • Own secure & Private Business Partner back-office Account.