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Color Persona

We focus on the most valuable asset of a company, which is the Human Capital. Color Persona specialises in providing behavioural online Personality profiling solutions because there is a need for an online solution for registered Agents and Candidates which is easily accessible.  The solution allows easy management of the profiling processes and providing a team collaboration tool to the consumer. The Personify collaboration tool ‘Personify’, lets individuals easily engage with team members. The agent or the candidate can use the profile created, for a variety of invaluable uses. By using Color Persona reports and online tools, you will be able to get detailed and subtle information about a person.

Simple Self Discovery Personality profiling

Enter your details, Complete the questionnaire, make your payment and sit and wait for the report to be emailed to you within minutes!

A choice of Personaility reports.

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About Us


about us color persona


We focus on the most valuable asset of an organisation, the “people”. Color Persona specialises in providing behavioural online Personality profiling solutions. This includes an easy to use online portal for the Agents to manage the process of questionnaires, profile generation and team collaboration feature centrally.

The products are aimed at candidates and agents and provide an insight into a candidates behavioural personality trait. The agent or the candidate can use the profile generated for a variety of uses.

 A Candidate can be anyone aged 15 and above. By using Color Persona reports and online tools, you can acquire detailed and subtle information about a person.

All about Your colour

color persona pie chart
We use a simple Method of  4 colours; namely Red, Blue, Green and Yellow and associate behaviour to each colour. The combination of the colour strengths gives us  a ‘Colour footprint’ of a person. The concept of using colours allows us to convey information to others easily and in a memorable way.

Our Teams Background

The Color Persona team’s background is full of real life experiences in areas of HR and Payroll, IT Infrastructure, Implementation and Project Management, Bespoke Solutions, Talent Acquisition and Management, Recruitment, Outsourcing and Headhunting.

Our Products

Our products can be used by H.R personnel, Recruiters, Team & Project managers, individuals, Life coaches and Teachers. The value brought about by our tool is invaluable and provides an insight into a persons’ character and beyond.

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The Color Persona Philosophy.

We believe ‘Colour’ is one of the most effective ways to convey the understanding of Personality traits to candidates. We cut down the jargon and simplify the message to both Adults and Youth of today – Delivering the message becomes easier, so you can take action.

Color Persona philosophy

Our focus

in focus color persona

Our focus is supporting your company and Individuals where there is a need for you to discover and learn much more about your candidates that would not be possible by conventional means such as meeting in person, telephone call or interviews.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the most cost effective, modern & competitive product, easy to use platform accessible to all either on mobile devices or laptops and desktops without compromising the features and products.

Industry Exposure

  • Banking
  • Recruitment
  • Utilities – Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Information Technology
  • Retail & Motor Industry
  • Education
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Charities
  • Local Government / Ministry of Defence

Color Persona Value

  • Value for money – affordable pricing without compromising product quality.

  • Open to All – Online access to the reports to Registered users or Ad-hoc one-off profile reports to candidates.

  • No training course or Certification is required to use our products.
  • No waiting for vetting & account activation.
  • You are free to use the products how you want
  • We do not dictate how the product should be used.
  • We provide Secure payment gateways and do NOT store your payment information on our servers.
  • No up-front Purchase required to register and create a profiling portal account.
  • Always working on improving our products and working with Trainers/coaches/HR managers etc.

Our Skills

Talent Acquisition – 7 Years
Personality Profiling solutions – 11 Years
HR & Payroll – 25 Years
I.T Solutions & Consulting – 30 Years
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Profile Questionnaire Insight

Welcome to the Color Persona Profile Questionnaire insight Page. Here, we provide you with information on how you should complete the Questionnaire. Please follow the guidelines set out below so that we can get the most accurate Profile report for you.

There is a Video guide on how to complete the questionnaire, this will give you a taste of what to expect.

Profile Questionnaire Insight girl

Questionnaire Completion Guide Video


When completing the questionnaire, take note of the following Profile Questionnaire Insight information.

  • Complete the questionnaire as the Instinctive you, since the first choice usually gives the best results. Avoid spending too much time on the statements.

  • Complete the questionnaire with the mindset of what you are like with Family & Friends. We want to learn what you are like socially with Family & Friends (the real you).

  • Avoid completing the questionnaire as the ‘Work’ you,  as we tend to behave differently at work than we do with Family & Friends.

  • This is not a Test, there is no right or wrong answer.

  • Complete the questionnaire in one sitting. Avoid going for long breaks, otherwise, you will get timed out!

  • The Questionnaire should take between 10 to 18 minutes to complete.

Questionnaire Completion

When completing the questionnaire, follow the rules below for a hassle-free experience. There are either 10 or 20 questions, depending on the profile report you have been requested to complete. Each question consists of 4 sets of statements.

The first part of the questionnaire is the Personal details page, where important information is required in order to process your profile and generate an accurate report for you. See sample image of information required.

Your information is kept confidential and we do not share it with third parties.


  • Gender is important as the report is gender specific
  • The first name is incorporated through out the report. When entering the First name, enter a preferred name. e.g. Dave instead of David or Bill instead of William, Jon instead of Jonathan, Mike instead of Michael-Gordon.
Profile Questionnaire Insight details page

You must select One option which is Most Like you (move the slider bar to the far right – with a score of 10).

Profile Questionnaire Insight Most option

You must select One option which is Least Like you (move the slider bar to the far Left- with a score of 1 ).

Profile Questionnaire Insight Least option

For the remaining 2 options, rate the score between 2 and 9 (inclusive). These selections are important as they have a bearing on the over all results.

Ensure each option selected is unique. E.g. no two answers are the same. Duplicate choices will give an error message before you can continue.

Profile Questionnaire Insight between option

Repeat the process until all the questions have been completed, then Submit the answers to Color Persona.

Profile Questionnaire Insight final submit


  • When the Profile questionnaire has been successfully completed and submitted, the PDF profile report will be emailed to you within 5 minutes. If you are required to make a payment after completing the questionnaire and have not paid, the report will not be published until payment has been made.
  • Ensure that you add the following email address to your email contacts list to avoid emails and reports going to spam/junk
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Our Personality & Team Profile Reports.

Color Persona offers a number of Personality and Team profile reports. You can choose a report that closely matches your requirements. The profile reports are priced by the type of profile required (see pricing page for more information).

Team reports can only be produced by an Agent who is a registered account holder.

Some of our Report charts

What our profile reports Identify

  • Behavioural Traits

  • Atitudes and Inclinations

  • Communication preferences with others in a group

  • Communication strategy on how others should interact with the Candidate.

  • Introversion, Ambiversion and Extroversion

  • Decision making preferences

  • Core Skills & Areas for Improvement

  • What to do and Not to do to improve communication

  • Team Communication Dynamics

  • Facilitate effective Inter Team Communication using Personify feature.

Color Persona Profile Benefits

  • Add your Business branding in the profile reports and Agent Portal account.
  • Learn about your preferred communication style.
  • Learn how you should approach others with different colour preferences.
  • Identifies the values a candidate brings to a team.
  • Identifies a candidates potential Areas of improvements.
  • Share how others should communicate with you, using suggested Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Learn about your Colour D.N.A and how to identify people of other colour preferences.
  • A simple 4 colour system, No association with things like air, fire, water and earth.
  • Easy to remember and recognise people of other colour types and associated energies.
  • Uniquely Personalised report content to every individual.
  • Personalised charts to demonstrate and aid understanding of the colour methodology.
  • Learn about Introvert/Ambivert and Extravert and how you interact with others.
  • Learn about How you make decisions using the blend of thinking and feeling.
  • Get insight into how you interact with other people and what kind of work environment would suit you.
  • Learn about how you make decisions using Sensing and Intuition.
  • Personalised Unconscious Persona chart illustrating your strong colours and low scoring colours, suggesting improving extreme colours (at either end of the spectrum) and reduction or increase of same.
  • No contract or commitment with Color Persona.
  • Own secure & Private Agent Portal Account.

Choice of Profile Reports

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People Development solutions

Color Persona’s Personify feature allows our online colour personality profiling solution to add an Edge to team communication and collaboration by helping team members to visually see each other’s colour preferences and what they should and should not do when communicating with members of their team.

This brings great added value by visually enhancing the dynamics of the team and providing a deeper understanding of each other. Team members can click on a link provided in the Team Profile report or in the accompanying email to visually see the Team Members. They can see the team members’ preferred colour sequence, team members image to reminded you what they look like (Face to the Name), and of course the team members preferred communication style. There will also be a link to download the Team Map.

Personify is mobile responsive and available on mobile devices, phone or the traditional desktop. No additional app is required.

Mobile Screens

Desktop Screens

Downloadable PDF Team Map

How Team ‘Personify’ features work.

  • Team members (candidates) must have completed a questionnaire and a report profile published.
  • The Personify feature needs to be switched on from the Team settings and Team reports must be sent to the team members, either sent to all members or manually entered recipients.
  • The team report and Email sent to the team members will contain a Link to provide the teams’ unique token.
  • Team Members can view other team members’ photo (if uploaded by agent), their name and their individual communication preference, suggesting what members should do and not do to facilitate a positive outcome when communicating with other team members.
  • No need for Mobile Apps or 3rd party integration/subscription or partnership.
Candidates Complete Questionnaire
Agent Publishes Candidates Profile
Agent creates Team, adds members & Publishes team report
Agent or System sends out Personify Email & Team Report
Team members view Do’s and Don’ts online on mobiles/Desktops

Identify Personify Features.

This section will review the sections visible to the Team members when they use the Personify Link, which is provided in their email or their team profile.

Header section.

Will use the Team logo if uploaded by Agent, Or will use Agent Logo if uploaded by Agent Or will use Color Persona logo if all else fails.

Personify Team Logo

View Team Map.

This link is only visible if Team profile has been published. Team members can view and  download the Team Map.

view Team Map

Team Members Colour Order

Will show the Team members colour preference order.

Click on the Details icon.

Will show the Team members communication preferences tabs.

Things to Try to improve communication

Things to Avoid to improve communication

Key Strengths

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Color Persona Pricing

Thank you for showing interest in our products and pricing structure. Our pricing is simple, there are no complex rules or hidden costs. We do NOT employ any kind of marketing gimmicks or pyramid schemes in ‘guise’.

One Profile Report

1 Credit (one)

Excludes Young Adult Profile

  • A profile costs 1 (one) Credit, either for an Adhoc profile or if an  Agent buys less than 5 credits.
  • Agents buying in bulk get better discounts (see pricing table).

Team Profile Report

Half of a Credit (0.5)

Know your Team?

  • A Team Profile report costs half (0.5) of a Credit.
  • This means you can publish 2 Team profile reports with 1 Credit.

Young Adult Profile Report

Half of a Credit (0.5)

Develop Young Adults?

  • A Young Adult Profile report costs half (0.5) of a Credit.
  • This means you can publish 2 Young Adult profile reports with 1 Credit.

** We are focusing on the up and coming Young Adults- our future leaders in the making. We understand that financial challenges the young may have and therefore as a token gesture, we have priced the profile reports accordingly.

View the cost in your currency.

Profile price list

Agent Profile Report Price List.

Single Young Adult & Team Profile

  • Individual Price
  • Includes 1 Fully personalised Color Persona Young Adult Profile report
  • Or 1 Full Team profile

Single Profile

  • Individual Price
  • Includes 1 Fully personalised Color Persona Profile report

Agent Prices See List

  • Includes any of the following reports:
  • Includes 1 Fully personalised Color Persona Profile report
  • Executive Full profile, Recruiter Profile, Career review profile, H.R Profile, Young Adult
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