Colour Profiling

What colour are you

Our Personality & Team Profile Reports.

Color Persona offers a number of behavioural Personality and Team profile reports. You can choose a report that closely matches your requirements. The profile reports are priced by the type of profile required (Contact Us for pricing or more information).

Team reports can only be produced by an Business Partner who is a registered account holder.

Choice of Profile Reports

  • Executive Profile
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  • 360 Candidate Feedback Profile
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  • Team Colour profile
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  • Team Insight Feedback profile
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What our profile reports Identify

  • Behavioural Traits

  • Attitudes and Inclinations

  • Communication preferences with others in a group

  • Communication strategy on how others should interact with the Candidate.

  • Introversion, Ambiversion and Extroversion

  • Decision making preferences

  • Core Skills & Areas for Improvement

  • What to do and Not to do to improve communication

  • Learning Style

  • Where candidate fits into the Colour Wheel.

  • Candidates Active and Opposite dormant colour energy

  • Team Communication Dynamics

  • Facilitate effective Inter Team Communication using Personify feature.

Benefits of using our profile reports

  • Add your Business branding in the profile reports and Business Partner Portal account.

  • Learn about your preferred communication style.

  • Learn how you should approach others with different colour preferences.

  • Identifies the values a candidate brings to a team

  • Identifies a candidates potential Areas of improvements.

  • Share how others should communicate with you, using suggested Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Learn about your Colour D.N.A and how to identify people of other colour preferences.

  • A simple 4 colour system, No association with things like air, fire, water and earth.

  • Easy to remember and recognise people of other colour types and associated energies.

  • Uniquely Personalised report content to every individual.

  • Personalised charts to demonstrate and aid understanding of the colour methodology.

  • Learn about Introvert/Ambivert and Extravert and how you interact with others.

  • Learn about How you make decisions using the blend of thinking and feeling.

  • Get insight into how you interact with other people and what kind of work environment would suit you.

  • Discover how you take in information using Sensing and Intuition.

  • Personalised Unconscious Persona chart illustrating your strong colours and low scoring colours, suggesting improving extreme colours (at either end of the spectrum) and reduction or increase of same.

  • No contract or commitment with Color Persona.

  • Own secure & Private Business Partner back-office Account.