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Executive Profile

 Can be used to learn the following about the candidates:

  • Used to identify Strong skills and areas that need improving.
  • Acts as an unbiased feedback.
  • How they interact with other people & improve communications with others.
  • Identify their Colour ‘Blend’ using Red/Blue/Green and Yellow colours.
  • Bar and Pie charts to help understand Colour saturation.
  • How they interact with others – Introvert, Ambivert or Extravert .
  • The process used for Decision-making.
  • How they take on board information and process it.

Some relevant profile report sections:

Candidate Colour Score

The Bar chart illustrates a Candidates colour ‘blend’ and also the percentage of each colour. It also shows the extreme high and low zones of a colour.

color persona pie chart

The Pie chart shows a Candidates colour ‘blend’ when compared with other colour scores. The chart shows the slice share of each colour from a “whole” 100%.

attitiude to others donut chart

There are 3 doughnut charts:

Attitude s towards others : Shows a Candidates combination of Introversion/Ambiversion/Extraversion.

Decision making: Shows a Candidates blend of Thinking & Feeling when making decisions.

Gathering/Perceiving information: Shows a Candidates combination of Sensing & Intuition when Gathering/processing information

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