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Color Persona Profile Benefits

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Recruiter Profile

In the Recruiter Profile, there are many sections of the report. These can be used to assess & summarise individuals interactions. Parts of the report can be used in a team workshop, as well as using the whole report “as is” to focus on key areas. You can pay less attention to detail on the non-relevant sections.

  • You can understand your candidates better and get more information about them.
  • How to understand a candidates colour, and their behavioural traits will give you an indication of whether this candidate would be a good fit for the job.
  • You can utilise the Recruiter Profile reports as input to your own summary report to your clients.
  • Identify areas of weaknesses in current career path and coach candidates on the areas they need to be focusing on in interviews.
  • The profile report highlights core strengths and weaknesses and communication style.
  • You can get a better understanding of the candidate without even meeting them in person.
  • Can be used to filter/finalise a candidate to ensure you understand the candidate in-depth before you put them forward to potential employers.

Some relevant profile report sections:

attitiude to others donut chart
color persona pie chart

The Pie chart illustrates a Candidates colour ‘blend’ and also the percentage of each colour.

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