Career Profiles

You can use a number of sections when evaluating a candidate’s career direction and highlight key personality areas:

Career Profile

  • Learn about the “Status quo” of where you are here and now.
  • Highlights how the candidate interacts with other people and the environment.
  • Highlights a candidates preferred work environment.
  • Lists the do’s and don’ts when communicating with other people in a group.
  • Awareness of how others should communicate effectively with the candidate.

Profile Templates

  • Career Default

  • Career Simplified

  • Career Positive

Profile Sample & Benefits

  • This report is intended for those that are seeking or contemplating a career change and want a review of their “current status” in regards to behaviour, attitiude, communication style and outlook.
  • All of the general benefits apply
  • This report highlights how you interact with people in your workplace.
  • The report also highlights what your preferred work environment.
  • Provides Individuals facing lifestyle or work challenges with a fresh look and help in improving their confidence and self-awareness.
  • Help those having difficulties in work relationships.
  • Help Individuals who collaborate with others at work to understand the impact they can have on others.
  • People that are having difficulties in finding work, or getting back into work after a long time.
  • The contents of this report will help you to further understand yourself, provide information to know the “whole” you. The profile report can be used when reviewing a candidate’s career in conjunction with career coaching materials and plan.