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Our Personality & Team Profile Reports.

Color Persona offers a number of Personality and Team profile reports. You can choose a report that closely matches your requirements. The profile reports are priced by the type of profile required (see pricing page for more information).

Team reports can only be produced by an Agent who is a registered account holder.

Color Persona Profile Benefits

Some of our Report charts

What our profile reports Identify

  • Behavioural Traits

  • Atitudes and Inclinations

  • Communication preferences with others in a group

  • Communication strategy on how others should interact with the Candidate.

  • Introversion, Ambiversion and Extroversion

  • Decision making preferences

  • Core Skills & Areas for Improvement

  • What to do and Not to do to improve communication

  • Team Communication Dynamics

  • Facilitate effective Inter Team Communication using Personify feature.

Choice of Profile Reports

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