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Color Persona Profile Benefits

Young Adult Profile

Firstly, the Adults profile report is intended for young adults who are between the ages of 15 to 29. It uses concise language so that the message of the report gets understood. Young adults are our future leaders in the making. Here are some benefits and how the profile report can be used.

  • Many of the standard profile report benefits apply to this profile report.
  • Learn and understand how you can communicate with others around you who are of different colour/personality type.
  • This report can be effectively used as an unbiased feedback.
  • Learn how to identify different colour preferences, and utilise the things you should Do to increase effective communication.
  • Suggestions for interaction with different types of people are highlighted.
  • The Young Adult report also highlights what the candidate’s preferred work environment should be.
  • The profile report can be used when educating young adults to provide them with an understanding of “self” and the world outside them.
  • It can equip the Young, with knowledge and tools to tackle the world using effective communication.
  • The report can be effectively used for workshops, training, Team building, Leadership, awareness and coaching scenarios.

Some relevant profile report sections:

Candidate Colour Score

The Bar chart illustrates a Candidates colour ‘blend’ and also the percentage of each colour. It also shows the extreme high and low zones of a colour.

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