Team Insight Feedback Profile

 The Team Feedback profile can be used to learn the following about Teams:

  • Whether the team is Task, Relationship or Balanced in its focus
  • Get a “holistic” view of the 4 function areas – Preparation, Strategy, Awareness and Engagement
  • Discover which activities are Good, Fair and Poor performers
  • Uncover the activities that are poor performers and take corrective action
  • Investigate the activity statements that have attracted the Min, Max and Average response scores and explore why?
  • Investigate the poorly ranked statements.

Profile Sample & Benefits

Team Insight feedback Profile report preview
  • Add your Business branding in the profile reports and Business Partner back-office account.
  • Learn about teams focus, whether its Task, Relationship or Balanced focused.
  • Learn how team members see the team perform.
  • Identify Weak activities and address them for quick wins.
  • Identify the team statements for activities that are ranked Low.
  • Identify the Min and Max responses per statement and activity.

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