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Welcome to Color Persona Profiling. We invite you to try our colour behavioural personality profile.


Get a feel for the profile report and see for yourself the values and benefits the profile report delivers.

Imagine learning as much as 90% about a person’s attitude and behaviour towards other people, without even meeting or knowing them, by simply asking candidates to complete the questionnaire, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes online.


A powerful toolkit to help you understand someone, whether it's for augmenting your coaching material, or supplementing training course materials, helping with communication workshops, used in team building, people and collaboration, the list is endless.

Here are just some of the features we offer!

  1. Profile reports are affordable and value for money.
  2. Reports are personalised  and easy to understand, delivered to your email within minutes of completing the questionnaire.
  3. Accessible from a PC, laptop or mobile and phone devices online.
  4. Report is Easy to 'pick up' and read without having in depth knowledge of Personality profiling or clichés or acronyms.
  5. Incorporating a methodology using 4 vibrant Colours to help you understand and convey the concepts and results.
  6. Flexibility to customise reports by adding logos and strap-line, select different templates, exclude pages from report etc.
  7. Configurable to a number of publishing setting combinations such as auto publishing and emailing of profile reports.
  8. Comprehensive portal to enable you to manage your questionnaires and candidates with email tracking and online charts.
  9. Free portal access without annual fees to use the portal.
  10. Build teams online and see the team colours change dynamically as you add/deactivate/remove team members.
  11. Publish a team report with team wheel and communication styles for different colour grouped candidates in the team.
  12. Includes a Personify team feature allowing team members to view each other’s communication preferences, do's, don't s and strengths all online without extra cost on mobile devices.
  13. Avoid spending endless hours preparing coaching materials for workshop.
  14. Decide whether you pay for the profile or get the candidate to pay.
  15. Industry standard security encryption.

  16. Volume discounts for 5 or more credits purchased. No convoluted discounts practices. Simple!
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